Angular was a ground-up rewrite of AngularJS and has many unique features.

Along with AngularJS (Angular version 1+), our team has experts in Angular 2.X to 6.X or simply Angular

We extend the following services to our Clients.

• We provide Angular development services to help clients achieve the better user experience.
• We develop rich internet applications that meet specific business goals
• It is highly efficient & scales up to meet your future needs
• We create single page application & Progressive web apps easily using this technology

We make use of Angular(Angular 2+ versions are simply called Angular), an opensource front-end web application framework for creating single page application & Progressive web apps with faster and smaller in size, which only requires HTML, CSS and TypeScript on the client side and Node js to run the application. With this technology, we can extend HTML vocabulary and create powerful well-structured, rich applications in a modular fashion. It is widely made use of by developers at places where scalability is a must.

We have a dedicated team of developers with knowledge & expertise to develop web / mobile applications over the model–view–controller (MVC) framework. As Angular development is packaged with a built-in end-to-end and unit test runner setup and it is testable from the ground level, it ensures quality development by default. Using Angular CLI we can build app Quickly. Angular have material for Design and lot of Module’s / Libraries to extend the HTML Features.

ANGULAR Programming Skills

• Implement the 3rd party Libraries/Modules
• Use AOT & JIT Compilation method.
• Implement Angular Material
• Implement lazy loading
• Build Angular Universal Applications.
• Angular testing utilities
• Custom Component and directive development.
• Angular PWA applications
• Migration from Angular2 and higher versions

Angular Development Platforms

• Angular is a flexible framework, a more improved version of Angular 1.X, that allows the development of complex applications which are very easy to maintain and increase their productivity.
• Provides many benefits over AngularJS 1.x including dramatically better performance(5 times better), more effective templating, lazy loading, simpler APIs, easier debugging and much more.
• Since Angular is mobile-oriented, we can build complex applications for Web & Mobile too.

TypeScript: better tooling, cleaner code, and higher scalability

Angular is written using TypeScript language, which is basically a superset for JavaScript. It fully compiles to JavaScript, but helps spot and eliminate common mistakes when actually typing the code. While small JavaScript projects don’t require such an enhancement, the enterprise-scale applications challenge developers to make their code cleaner and verify its quality more often.

Putting the TypeScript-first policy of Angular into the benefits section is an arguable point for many engineers. TypeScript-related complaints appear every now and then among the development community. Engineers have to learn yet another language. However, TypeScript is there for a reason and you still can use JavaScript if you want to.

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