React JS

The constant need to improve user-experience is keeping developers on their toes and making them
adapt to new technologies and trends that will deliver better results. One such technology that is attracting everyone’s attention due to its impressive features is the React JS. Its popularity can be gauged by the fact that even major apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix, and Instagram are making use of the React JS. So what makes React JS a preferred technology to develop kickass web and mobile apps?

Let’s get on with the first things first. Before you can start using a technology to develop the web and mobile apps, you need to get an insight into its basics and understand how it functions in order to leverage its features. React JS is not a full-featured framework but a JavaScript open source GUI library that concentrates on one specific thing and aims to accomplish the task efficiently. It is the V in the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. Any JavaScript developer would find it easy to comprehend the basics of React JS and start developing web apps using this technology within a few days of mastering the docs and tutorials.

Simple to write components

React JS makes use of JSX, which is an optional syntax extension to
JavaScript.Writing your components becomes much simpler with JSX as it permits you to mix HTML with JavaScript.
Due to the fewer number of rules it follows, you can come up with a much cleaner and simpler source as compared to other technologies. JSX may not be the most popular syntax extension that is out there. But it can prove to be quite efficient for developing custom components or high-volume applications.

Supports component reusability

Component reusability comes across as a great advantage for developers. React JS allows you to reuse the components developed for some other application that utilizes the same functionality. This will help in decreasing your development efforts while ensuring that your components function in a smooth and flawless manner. As a result, the speed of application development also increases, which saves valuable time of the developers as well as the clients.

React JS

React JS was developed keeping the needs of software engineers in mind. That is why React JS comes with a tool set that earns it many brownie points from the developers. React Developer Tools has been designed as a Chrome dev extension. It allows you to observe reactive component hierarchies and check a component’s present state and props.

If you are a developer who is concerned with single page applications and want to come up with fast, user-friendly, and responsive apps, React application development  is definitely a worthy choice. When you need to develop large-scale apps with frequently changing data, React JS can help you to meet the challenge in a successful manner. Considering the advantages offered by this technology, there is no reason why React JS won’t be welcomed by developers in pursuit of creating advanced web and mobile apps.

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